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Do you have a completed manuscript or book idea that needs a little fine tuning? Need to find the right words to communicate your message in an e-mail or business letter? We will review your document or rough draft for spelling and/or grammatical errors, punctuation, and more to ensure your project is of professional quality. 

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Live Readings 

We pride ourselves on spreading a positive message through the joy of reading. We will come to your school, bookstore, library or event and share our work followed by a question and answer session. 

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Copy Writing 

W.R.E.a.C Havoc Enterprises specializes in putting words together. Lead writer Jamiyl Samuels will create well-written copy for websites, newsletters, brochures, slogans, public service announcements (PSA's) marketing plans, and more

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W.R.E.a.C Havoc prides itself on staying abreast of and being knowledgable about current events dealing with popular culture, sports, music, and politics. We would create a blog that is informative and offers edgy opinions based on facts or we would gladly add invaluable insight on hot topics to your platform.  

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Public Speaking

Having a voice and using it for the greater good is paramount. We will engage with your audience in any public forum, panel discussion, town hall, gathering, or special event to offer positive words on current events and/or in support of initiatives that impact your community.


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If you are a Hip Hop or reggae artist suffering from writer's block or someone who aspires to create a song, write a book, short story or speech and only has an idea but no means to put pen to paper, the team at W.R.E.a.C Havoc has the ability to assist in creating hit songs. We are open to collaborations with journalists, authors and serious artists looking to promote your music. 

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Do you love watching good movies and wonder what it would be like to write your own? Have you ever watched a bad film and thought you could write a better one? We will turn your idea or logline for a film into a full length screenplay (or short screenplay if desired). Screenplays created by W.R.E.a.C Havoc Enterprises have been entered and advanced to the Quarterfinal round of popular competitions such as PAGE International Screenwriting Competition, The Bluecat Screenwriting Competition and more. 

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Biography Writing

One of the most important parts of any media kit is the artist/writer bio. Submit your background information to us and we will create a professionally written biography that showcases your strengths and overall ability. 

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Wedding Planning/Consultation

You just received your engagement ring. Now what? Need ideas for a themed party or special occasion? Not sure how to improve your home decor? Having marital or relationship issues and need answers to burning questions? 


W.R.E.a.C Havoc Enterprises can help get the ball rolling on the set-up for your big day, suggest materials for beautifying your residence, banquet hall, back yard or function space. Resident social worker Tracy-Ann Samuels, MSW will listen to your suggestions or issues and develop a plan to achieve the desired results.

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