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May 26, 2020

"Racism is a learned behavior. And, like a

petulant, spoiled and entitled child, racists

will continue to do what you allow them to

get away with. Strictly talking about the

justice system here. From the all white male

jury that exonerated the men who beat,

tortured, and shot #EmmittTill for allegedly disrespecting a white woman, to the killers

of #TrayvonMartin , #PhilandoCastile ,

#AltonSterling , #MikeBrown , and #EricGarner

to name too few, being set free after a "trial"

because they claim self defense or "stand your

ground" laws that are enacted only when

convenient to the oppressor. 

#GeorgeFloyd was the last straw. Racists have

had the knee on the neck of Black people for centuries. It finally played out on video for the

World to see. It ripped off the band-aid of pacification from the passage of the Civil

Rights Act. It never went away, it just became

illegal. The inflammatory rhetoric of the

current "leader" of this country has emboldened

those who continue to practice generational hatred based on skin color.

W.R.E.a.C Havoc do not condone acts of hate

of any kind. We stand with the peaceful

protestors and condemn any instigators of

needless violence against person or property!

White people, from the street corner, to the

suburbs, to the affluent neighborhoods, to

celebrity row, your voices are needed now

more than ever. You must exercise your privilege 

to live and walk freely without the fear of

being harassed, profiled, beaten or shot to

express your disgust and displeasure with the treatment of Black people in this country.

Maybe the ignorance will CEASE if people

that don't look like us STAND UP for US! 


It must. We are all human beings. We are

entitled to be treated equal, with access to

the same rights. One Nation, Under GOD!

That's what the Pledge of Allegiance says. 

We spoke those words as a kid in our schools.

We don't feel that way and haven't for a long


Enough is enough! Black people existed long

before being brought to America. We will be

heard in the streets, in the media, at the

POLLS... so that you can finally see us.

One Love. One Voice. One Accord." 






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