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The core of the creative energy of the company. Here W.E. (Write and Educate) offer literature that challenges the mind and tackles important issues in an accessible and entertaining fashion. W.E. strive to promote critical thinking, constructive conversation, and positive solutions to real issues impacting communities. W.E. are available for in-stores, interviews, live readings, speaking engagements and community events.

Pass The Torch: How A Young
Black Father Challenges The Deadbeat Dad Stereotype


The touching literary debut memoir from Jamiyl Samuels about a young father determined to break the cycle of absentee fatherhood experienced during his childhood. When his father walks out of his life as a young boy, Jamiyl grows increasingly angry and resentful. Samuels finds refuge in the power of Hip Hop music channeling his angst into the art of rhyme. 

The birth of his child adds new purpose to Jamiyl's life and "Pass The Torch..." is his story of reflection, heartbreak, forgiveness and determination to become and remain a hero to his own children. Samuels also makes the case for Hip Hop music and Hip Hop inspired films as positive examples of the willingness of Black men to be fathers to their children.

W.R.E.a.C Havoc Enterprises presents: 
Just My Thoughts, Ladies and Gentlemen: a collection of short stories and poetry

A collection of short stories and poetry aimed to educate and entertain from the mind of Jamiyl Samuels. The author broaches controversial subject matter with the retelling of a fictional "driving-while-Black" traffic stop, jail through the eyes of an adolescent, and a strong opinion on the reasoning behind NBA superstar LeBron James' departure from the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2010.


With the true story of his first week as a challenger on BET's televised Hip Hop battle 106 and Park Freestyle Friday, a salute to the life and legacy of Michael Jackson, and a strong statement on fatherhood through poetry, "Just My Thoughts..." promises something for fans of drama, music, sports, and real life experiences. 

The Amazing Adventures of Awesome Amani: a W.R.E.a.C Havoc Heroes Series Book 1

The chapter book that inspired "The Amazingly Awesome Amani" children's book series is finally here! Although the book chronicles the fictional adventures of the pre-teen hero, it also follows the real-life journey of "Mommy" and "Daddy" as they navigate through the discovery that their son has special needs. Even though Amani dreams about being a superhero when he falls asleep, he is a hero to his parents for the way he faces the challenges he encounters in his daily life.

Inspired by the life of Trey Amani Samuels, a boy on the Autism spectrum, "The Amazing Adventures of Awesome Amani" aims to spread awareness about learning and developmental disabilities and tolerance for kids who appear to be different. Follow Amani as he takes on bullies, saves animals, and battles his own emotions! This is a tale of PERSEVERANCE and the power of a great imagination.

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